The 100-Day Project (5th Week Recap)

I forgot to do this recap on Sunday! I was online the whole morning and was even writing a blog post about my Palawan trip, and I forgot. Silly me. Anywho, here’s the fifth week!

The 100-Day Project (4th Week Recap)

This recap is two days late because I’ve been away on a vacation in Palawan. Here goes last week’s recap of my 100-day project.

The 100-Day Project (Third Week Recap)

So, here goes my third week. I used to think this would get easier, but it doesn’t. It’s actually kind of the opposite! There are days when it’s hard to find inspiration to write even just a word. TT_TT. On the brighter side, I’ve been learning a lot and starting to develop my own style. I’m still not there, but I’m discovering that there are ways that I like and work for me, and try to avoid those that don’t.


The 100-Day Project (Second Week Recap)

The second week is over and I still have not missed a day! Woohoo!

The 100-Day Project (First Week Recap)


I’ve been trying to break free from the monotony that is my life. I figured it was time to for a new habit. This was why I joined the SSSVEDA, so I could start feeling comfortable in front of the camera and maybe really start a vlog of all my travels and whatnot. So far, it hasn’t worked for me yet. I’m too lazy to film myself. The second (and last) video I posted for this month was done after 127 takes. Ugh, it’s too much work for me, so I guess I’m gonna have to put that down and move on to other things, which brings me to the 100-day project.

I found out about this through one of the people I follow on Instagram. Actually, I first stumbled upon Elle Luna on Medium when I read this article which I found extremely inspiring. So what is the 100-day Project? It’s a project by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent urging people to do / make something for 100 days, starting April 6 up to July 14. In my case, I chose 100 days of handwritten words. I think it’s doable because I can write anywhere and any time. It doesn’t take up a lot of hours, but still allows me to take a moment each day to practice calligraphy and my handwriting.

I will be posting a recap every week until July 14. Here goes the first week:

April 6 – April 12