The iOS 8 is Here

iOS 8

Installing the new OS on my iPad Mini

I am really not a hardcore Apple fan, but I am a self-confessed update whore. Maybe it’s the OC in me, but I have this sense of urgency whenever an app update is available, like I have to have it, RIGHT NOW. So, when the iOS 8 came out today, I just had to install it right away. Well, not really right away, because you see, I had to delete all my music first to free up some space before I could actually download the update. Because I didn’t know that to download the file, you’d need a total of 5GB of space. I wish I had read this article before downloading. It would’ve saved me a lot of trouble.

So what’s new?

Prior to installing, I had no idea what was actually in this update. So when it was done updating, I immediately looked for what’s new, sadly, there wasn’t many that was too obvious. But the first thing I noticed was a set of new icons: Tips and Podcast on the iPad, and an additional Health icon on the iPhone (along with the first two). I’ve not tried them at all, I guess I’m not really interested as I listen to podcasts using my laptop while I work, and maybe I’m a little interested about the Health one, but not as interested as to check it out today. It can wait. I found the Tips app quite helpful because it gave me information about what’s new in this update. So I guess after today, it won’t be as helpful? But who knows?

I also noticed when I went to my ‘open apps’ tab (aside from the open apps, duh) was a list of my recent contacts which is not very useful to me as I use KakaoTalk and Viber more than I use iMessage/Facetime.

What do I love?

Love is such a big word and quite frankly, it’s too soon to tell. But after trying a couple of things, I find the “Notify Me” feature quite useful. It’s an option in your email where you can set your device to notify you if someone replies to a thread. No more incessant refreshing of your inbox while waiting for a reply to an all-important email (because, yes, all normal, healthy, adult human beings do this)!

I also had a bit of fun playing “Name That Tune” with Siri. He was pretty great, scoring 4 out 5. But as amusing as that was, I don’t see how this feature could be of any use to me in the future, except maybe for entertainment.

Siri refusing to sing Enchong Dee's Chinito Problems. LOL

Siri refusing to sing Enchong Dee’s Chinito Problems. LOL

I should be happy about the self-timer, but I rarely take selfies with my phone, so I don’t see any value in it. The pre-capture exposure editing is quite awesome though. I don’t take many pictures with my phone, (I have Scarlett and Luna for that) but it’s good to know that it’s there in case I need it.

My Obsession with Pink Hair

I was in college when Pink’s first album came out. I loved her as she was the epitome of everything that I wasn’t: kickass and cool. It was then that I knew, I had to have pink hair someday. Fast forward to 14 years later, that ‘someday’ hasn’t come yet. I started experimenting with different hair colors when I got out of college and had my own job. I’d gone through different hair colors, but never pink. Needless to say, someday remained a someday up to now.

I was willing to forego the obsession, in fact, I had forgotten about it. The idea was dismissed as I’d figured I was too old to do anything so drastic with my hair (cue the song Everybody’s Free (to wear Sunscreen)). But then I stumbled upon Yeng Constantino’s new hair color on one of her IG posts:

Yeng's Pink Hair

Picture taken from Yeng’s Instagram account @yengconstantino

She’s so pretty and seeing her pull off this cotton candy hair color has kind of brought back my feelings of wanting pink hair. I’m thinking of doing it in time for my birthday this year. I’ve been looking at Manic Panic distributors here in the Philippines and found I’m fighting all the urge to order two tubs of Hot Hot Pink right now. They also sell Manic Panic lipstick. Ugh. I need to stay away from their site before I do something I’d possibly regret. I’d have to sit this one out and think about it for maybe a couple more months. Maybe then, I’d have changed my mind. Or maybe not.

Food Trip: Cafe+

Whenever I am in Luzon, I crash at my friend’s place in Baliuag, Bulacan. And since we both work from home, sometimes we feel the need to just go out and work somewhere else for a change of environment. The most obvious choice are coffee shops because 1. they have comfy chairs, 2. they almost always have wi-fi (although we always bring a portable wi-fi, it doesn’t hurt to have a back up in case the signal is weak), 3. they are more lenient to customers who stay for more than an hour, and 4. they have coffee!

We’ve always wanted to try Cafe+ so, when we had the opportunity, we took it, grabbed our laptops, and went on a 10-minute or so drive to Plaridel. The place is cute, they don’t have comfy chairs though, and they could use a bigger parking space. But if you get there early enough or on a not-so-busy part of the day, you’ll be fine. And of course, there’s always public transportation. Since it is just by the road, it is also accessible to jeepneys and buses going to and from NLEX.

The place serves brunch, coffee, and desserts. This is their cute, hand-drawn menu (click for a larger view):

Cafe + Menu 3Cafe+ Menu 1 Cafe+ Menu 2

The first time we went there, we ordered beignets, which was delish but we couldn’t finish it as the sandwiches were already so filling! Their sandwich orders come with a choice of a salad or fries on the side. We ordered both, and by the end of the meal, we decided the salad was a much better option (especially if you’re looking to stay away from fried food). Besides, their Asian dressing was yummy!

Their store is open from 9am-10pm. Here’s their Facebook page just in case you want more information. Enjoy!



Loom Band Craze

I’ve been meaning to post something about my loom band addiction. It’s funny because I only found the time to actually write about it when I am no longer into it as much as I used to. I guess before I really would rather loom my time away instead of blogging? *hides*

Anywho, so what got me into it? I don’t really know. Possibly the power of social media at play, after seeing a bunch of my friends uploading their latest creations on Facebook and Instagram, I just had to do it too. I started with the small kit, the one that comes with a few bands and a really flimsy excuse for a hook. Eventually, the need for a sturdier hook and loom won and I bought myself a much more expensive set, still not the Rainbow Loom, but the price was just a couple of hundred bucks lower. It had better bands and the hook was still plastic, but it was bigger and it was great. I also bought the Rainbow Loom upgrade kit that comes with a metal hook. Because everybody knows the metal hook is the best hook. LOL.

But then came the problem of needing more bands (problem talaga?). I know I spent a lot of money buying my new loom kit, but I just couldn’t make myself buy the Rainbow Loom bands. Kuripot ako in that sense. All I could think about was how many cheaper loom bands (yes, them lead-laden bands!) I could buy with just 1 bag of the original stuff. Just imagine all the bracelets! I wasn’t going to sell them anyways, they were just for therapeutic purposes, so no, I won’t spend P180 pesos for a bag of loom bands. Thanks, but no thanks.

So my friend and I went to the market in search of loom band sellers and we found one who sold them for P20/gram. We bought a lot. I think I spent about P500 on new bands. That was a lot of bands, but it didn’t last for long. It was time for more hardcore loom band shopping! LOL. We found ourselves one Saturday morning in the middle of Divisoria trying to find the vendor with the cheapest price.  Oh things you do for crafts! After some haggling, we finally got our stash (which cost almost P1K) and went home.

That was two months ago and I have not used up that stash until now. I rarely find time to pick up my hook anymore. I was into it maybe a couple of weeks after I got back home and even made my own bracelet designs! But lately, I’ve been a lot busy with my blog, learning web design, and work that I can’t squeeze in looming anymore. I still have not made my dad a bracelet he had requested a couple of months back! Well, after hearing the news about loom bands having high amounts of lead, I doubt my dad would even want to wear one now.