Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014

Last Sunday, I took part in Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014. It was a couple of months ago when I decided I would go to Singapore for a visit and while I was contemplating that, I searched for runs to be held anytime near my birthday and I found GEWR. I registered right away (didn’t even have a plane ticket then!).

It was my first ever out-of-the-country run and I was psyched! I promised myself I was gonna run the entire 5K this time. I know, I know, it’s just a short distance and I’ve registered to dozens of 5K runs before… but I’ve never completed the entire 5K without stopping to walk.. =_=. And as much as I would like to tell you that I did what I promised, I can’t because it didn’t happen. I didn’t train like I was supposed to because I was sick the entire time since I got to SG and didn’t want to risk running everyday in rainy weather for fear of aggravating it.

Race Day

I was so scared to get lost while trying to get to the event location so I purchased a shuttle bus ticket. It was a mistake because even though my run would start at 8am, I was in the location as early as 4:30am! TT_TT… There were no seats and I didn’t want to sit down on the floor (germaphobe alert! LOL). So I was standing up the whole time. Not to mention, I had walked a good 20 minutes to get to Sengkang station where the pickup location was. So, you could pretty much say I had a decent warmup before the run. LOL, but my legs were hurting by the time I finished the 1st kilometer. D:


I had a few tearful moments during the entire event. For one, I was alone and I had nobody to talk to. Everybody else had a friend with them and were taking selfies or wefies or whatever you called them. I just felt like events like these needed to be experienced with someone. Second, it was just a happy moment participating in something like this outside of the Philippines, and in a place close to my heart. I couldn’t help but get nostalgic. Singapore gave me a lot of memories and all of them came rushing back as I was walking / running past the familiar places.


I will definitely do this again. My best friend Ellen wants to go to the StanChart run next year. I may come with her. Who knows? I might be running a half-marathon by then!


I’ve always liked lettering. All my doodles consist mainly of handwritten letters but I never really explored the art.

The other day, after drawing a logo for my sister, I remembered how great it felt to actually use a pen. I have been so used to typing that I forgot how much I loved using pens (I collect them, and notebooks too!). So, that got me started. I pulled out an old sketch book, a couple of my pens, a pencil, and wrote whatever came to mind. Here are a few of the things I’ve worked on so far. Pretty rough, but I’ll get better. Someday.

I’m doing an OPM (Original Pilipino Music) Series where I hand-write lyrics from Filipino songs. I posted my first one today which was from Yeng Constantino’s Jeepney Love Story. I’m pretty excited about this because OPM deserves some good lovin’ and I get to practice my lettering too!

The iOS 8 is Here

iOS 8

Installing the new OS on my iPad Mini

I am really not a hardcore Apple fan, but I am a self-confessed update whore. Maybe it’s the OC in me, but I have this sense of urgency whenever an app update is available, like I have to have it, RIGHT NOW. So, when the iOS 8 came out today, I just had to install it right away. Well, not really right away, because you see, I had to delete all my music first to free up some space before I could actually download the update. Because I didn’t know that to download the file, you’d need a total of 5GB of space. I wish I had read this article before downloading. It would’ve saved me a lot of trouble.

So what’s new?

Prior to installing, I had no idea what was actually in this update. So when it was done updating, I immediately looked for what’s new, sadly, there wasn’t many that was too obvious. But the first thing I noticed was a set of new icons: Tips and Podcast on the iPad, and an additional Health icon on the iPhone (along with the first two). I’ve not tried them at all, I guess I’m not really interested as I listen to podcasts using my laptop while I work, and maybe I’m a little interested about the Health one, but not as interested as to check it out today. It can wait. I found the Tips app quite helpful because it gave me information about what’s new in this update. So I guess after today, it won’t be as helpful? But who knows?

I also noticed when I went to my ‘open apps’ tab (aside from the open apps, duh) was a list of my recent contacts which is not very useful to me as I use KakaoTalk and Viber more than I use iMessage/Facetime.

What do I love?

Love is such a big word and quite frankly, it’s too soon to tell. But after trying a couple of things, I find the “Notify Me” feature quite useful. It’s an option in your email where you can set your device to notify you if someone replies to a thread. No more incessant refreshing of your inbox while waiting for a reply to an all-important email (because, yes, all normal, healthy, adult human beings do this)!

I also had a bit of fun playing “Name That Tune” with Siri. He was pretty great, scoring 4 out 5. But as amusing as that was, I don’t see how this feature could be of any use to me in the future, except maybe for entertainment.

Siri refusing to sing Enchong Dee's Chinito Problems. LOL

Siri refusing to sing Enchong Dee’s Chinito Problems. LOL

I should be happy about the self-timer, but I rarely take selfies with my phone, so I don’t see any value in it. The pre-capture exposure editing is quite awesome though. I don’t take many pictures with my phone, (I have Scarlett and Luna for that) but it’s good to know that it’s there in case I need it.