“Not all those who wander are lost.” – St. Augustine

Trip Happy [adj.] is used to describe a person who likes to go on trips. Trips may include but are not limited to the following: travel, food, shopping, music, and TV.

Hi, I am Raia, and I am certified trip happy. I love a lot of things and I claim to be a multipotentialite. This blog is the home of my thoughts, my photography, and everything in between. I plan to take you with me, are you up for it?

Crazy About Spotify


I love music. It’s a constant thing in my life. I may lose interest in a lot of things, but music is always there, every time. The funny thing is, I don’t listen to the radio, or watch MTV, so I don’t really know what’s new. I’ve been listening to the same songs for a very long time, because I am too lazy to find new music.

That was until Spotify came along. Spotify is a music app that allows you to play music online and offline (if you purchase the premium). It has practically every song I want to listen to. You can create your own playlist and share it to your friends. I personally like listening to the Radio function. There are several categories you can choose from, and my favorite so far, is the 90s. All the songs of my childhood! OMG, I just can’t stop raving about this app!!!

What’s good about this is the artist / rights-holder earns from each play, which means it is anti-piracy. Okay, I’m not saying I have not downloaded or pirated a song or an album, ever, but if I like an artist or singer, I make sure to buy a copy of their CD. With Spotify, this is a whole lot easier! If you purchased Spotify premium at P129/month, you get to download the music to your device and play it offline. It’s so easy. (I am starting to sound like I’m being paid to write this, but I am not! I just really, really, love it!)

Now, listening and searching for songs I like is a breeze. All the songs I thought I’d never find are on Spotify. It’s a daily staple for me. It’s on my iPhone, iPad, and my laptop. Have you tried the app yet?

So, yeah. I got kinda distracted…

It has been three weeks since I arrived in Manila and a lot of things have happened. This blog post is an attempt to give you an update.

First. I didn’t complete VEDA! Argh. It was certainly a challenge especially since uploading was slow due to internet problems. And I very rarely had the time, nor the energy to actually film and upload one. But still, I think I did great for a first-timer. I will certainly do better in August.

Second. My boss went to Manila, we got together, and even celebrated his birthday in Tagaytay. We ate at a restaurant called Pamana, tried the ferris wheel at Sky Ranch, and had coffee in Bag of Beans.



#SSSVEDA DAY 9: That day when I didn’t know what to say…

I didn’t have much to say today, so this was a really short one. But it really got me thinking about doing some serious volunteer work here in Zamboanga City. I’m sure there are a lot of things to do!

Also, for the past couple of videos, I have been using my iPhone’s flashlight as fill light. I have a very dark room, and the light really helps. I just need to set it to airplane mode as my footage gets static sound if I don’t.

The holiday is almost over. *sobs* I can’t wait for holy week.

Suits and that time when I wanted to be a lawyer…

I did a marathon of past seasons of the Drop Dead Diva, I was kind of behind because I really didn’t realize how awesome it was until Season 4. So there was a bit of catching up to do. But when I was all caught up, I didn’t know what else to do. I felt like I wanted more lawyer awesomeness in my life (even contemplated on becoming one). So I searched for another TV show about lawyers, and I stumbled upon SUITS.

Warning: Bad gif and spoilers ahead.

#SSSVEDA Day 4: Weekend Plans

Hi! I’m sorry that I’ve been spamming your feeds with my daily videos. I’m gonna publish an actual post some time this weekend. Not that you care, but I’m telling you anyways. x_X. I am doing this VEDA thing and it runs for the whole month of April, so there’s still 26 more to go of these. =_=”

On the brighter side, I’m getting more comfortable being on cam and editing my footage, still a long way to go, but I’m easing in, and I’m enjoying it soooo much! The people I’ve met through SSSVEDA are all very encouraging. I am so not regretting joining. AT ALL.

Happy Weekend y’all! XOXO