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The Fujifilm XF-1 is LOVE.

Fujifilm XF-1 (Red)

I’m always finding myself in a battle between being a photographer or just a traveler when I’m out and about and the latter seems to be winning most of the time. My laziness and sense of entitlement tell me to just kick back and enjoy a well-deserved vacay. I always tell myself I’d remember everything anyways, but unfortunately, in most cases, I don’t. So I’m always left with that feeling of regret, wishing I had taken more pictures.

One of the things I hate when traveling is having to lug around my big camera and lenses. I carry them in an additional, heavy, hand-carried bag and it takes away most of the comfort when I’m in transit. I mean, I love them to bits, but I just want to be comfortable in airports, and having to carry a heavy bag kind of just kills it for me. So, I figured, I really need to do something about it.

The best possible solution I’ve come up with was to buy a good compact camera. One that is great enough for travel blogging, vlogging, and one that is not so heavy. I’ve been looking at several Canon choices, but I stumbled upon the Fujifilm XF-1, fell in love at first sight, and the rest was history.[Read more]

Day 9.Still001
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#SSSVEDA DAY 9: That day when I didn’t know what to say…

I didn’t have much to say today, so this was a really short one. But it really got me thinking about doing some serious volunteer work here in Zamboanga City. I’m sure there are a lot of things to do!

Also, for the past couple of videos, I have been using my iPhone’s flashlight as fill light. I have a very dark room, and the light really helps. I just need to set it to airplane mode as my footage gets static sound if I don’t.

The holiday is almost over. *sobs* I can’t wait for holy week.

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Suits and that time when I wanted to be a lawyer…

I did a marathon of past seasons of the Drop Dead Diva, I was kind of behind because I really didn’t realize how awesome it was until Season 4. So there was a bit of catching up to do. But when I was all caught up, I didn’t know what else to do. I felt like I wanted more lawyer awesomeness in my life (even contemplated on becoming one). So I searched for another TV show about lawyers, and I stumbled upon SUITS.

Warning: Bad gif and spoilers ahead.[Read more]

We had a very long power outage last night. I couldn’t sleep well because I had to wake up every now and then to fan myself. TT_TT

Our city’s been having fires here and there too. :( Probably due to the weather and the blackouts.

Hi! I’m sorry that I’ve been spamming your feeds with my daily videos. I’m gonna publish an actual post some time this weekend. Not that you care, but I’m telling you anyways. x_X. I am doing this VEDA thing and it runs for the whole month of April, so there’s still 26 more to go of these. =_=”

On the brighter side, I’m getting more comfortable being on cam and editing my footage, still a long way to go, but I’m easing in, and I’m enjoying it soooo much! The people I’ve met through SSSVEDA are all very encouraging. I am so not regretting joining. AT ALL.

Happy Weekend y’all! XOXO